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At Hope Shines, we are relentless in our efforts to transform the lives of vulnerable youth in Rwanda. Read below about the various ways you can financially support our work through Child Sponsorships and Sustainable Projects!

Join us in helping to break the poverty cycle for children and their families in a holistic way in Rwanda!

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Ambassadors Fundraising for Good!

We love it when our friends and ambassadors to Hope Shines fundraise for us! It take a village as they say, right! Online campaigns are one vein of ours that allow us to raise money to implement our programs. Check out our most URGENT campaigns below. Generosity translates into action! Thank you!

Sponsor a Student

One of our core values is the Commitment to Children. In all that we do, we will ALWAYS put the children we serve as our top priority in ALL WAYS and provide a safe environment in which to grow and prosper. At-risk boys and girls living in Rwanda have unique challenges and we constantly seek to address them, through the support and feedback from our all-Rwandese in-country staff, as they grow into adults!

A sponsorship of a student at Hope Shines means they can be provided a hot meal, get their basic needs supplied so they can attend school full time, gain confidence from a positive learning environment, and get mentorship support that will result in a positive outcome as they reach adulthood! Below outlines individual profiles of each Hope Shines child.

"My connection with my child has made me more aware of the challenges she faces, as well as her resilience and determination to meet those challenges. I'm confident my financial and personal support are well placed. Investing in her potential and her future wellbeing is a decision I'm grateful to have made."
~ Christine

To learn about what to expect when you become a Student Sponsor, please click here to
download our student sponsorship overview

Students Needing Sponsorship (click to read their profiles):

Sustainable Projects and General Giving

Our social enterprise project is strategically designed to benefit the community at large and to provide financial sustainability to our programs that support vulnerable children! Check out our creative project that is bettering a community and helping children lives healthier lives! Also, if you want to give a general donation that can be applied to the most high priority areas of our work, thank you!

Learn more about how saving soap can lead to saving lives!

A general donation will be used where it is needed most. Thank you for this support!