Viateur “Babu G” Twiringiyimana

Needs Sponsor

Viateur “Babu G” which means “Baby G” as a nickname, is a very bright and funny boy born in 2012, who is fortunate to live with both parents. He has 3 sisters and together they all live In a one bedroom house with limited electricity in the village of Mununi, in the city.

Although Viateur has both parents, the family is not very stable for the kids. Many conflicts between the parents are seen and visible to the children because of the small space of a house. Many times, after a family issue, the father leaves for a time and it creates a gap in support and love that the family needs, which is something he is working on to fix. Both the mother and father do work part time jobs to financially support the family, and the father is employed by Hope Shines as the traditional dance instructor during the after-school program each weekend.

Viateur is a very talented dancer and when he grows up he wants to be a professional dancer as well as a pilot. He loves to make friends, and during his free time he does traditional dance, exercises, and plays football.

He is currently in second grade of primary school and his favorite subject is English.