Frank Biramahire

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Frank is a handsome and funny boy born in 2008, who lives with his mother and two brothers in a one-room mud house with limited electricity in the city in a village called Gasiza. Frank's father died when he was younger and his mother works cleaning houses and she also washes clothes for neighbors to make ends meet financially. This is the only type of work she can get since she only has an elementary school education.

Frank is self-motivated and knows how to take care of himself due to his mother being absent much of the time. Before joining Hope Shines, Frank’s family was unable to provide him scholastic materials or pay for school fees and Frank was often chased out of school because of this. Now, with the help of Hope Shines, Frank is studying in primary school, where he loves to learn English and has all the support needed to help him be successful in the classroom. When he grows up, he wants to work in Geography Studies.

At Hope Shines, Frank loves to play with the other kids, and he is excels at Gymnastics activities. His favorite sport is of course, football (soccer) and he is known for being quick!