After-School Programming

The LEAD (Life Enhancement & Academic Development) program is Hope Shines’ premier program. It’s goal is to keep students engaged in learning during and in between school terms. The program meets before and after school at the Learning Center and students get help with schoolwork and assistance and guidance for national exams. Three days a week students are taught a specific curriculum designed to engage youth in hands-on learning in Science, Math, English, Kiyarwanda (native language) and life skills development.

Each session, students reconvene for a nutritionally balanced hot lunch and clean water (through our filtered water system), which provides needed energy and nutrients to growing minds and bodies.

During the course of LEAD throughout the year, students attend field trips to places that relate to the curriculum taught at that time and this enhances the retention of learning the subject matter.

When applicable and available, older students will be able to participate in vocational programming within our other Hope Shines projects. They will learn essential functions of business such as professionalism, budgeting, product assembly, and supply chain.