Clarisse Mushimiyimana

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Clarisse is a beautiful, cheeky girl, born in 2005. She lives with her parents, 2 brothers and 2 sisters in a small one bedroom mud house with no electricity in the city. Clarisse's parents both lack any formal education and have difficulties finding well-paying jobs. They do work part-time jobs in construction as laborers to bring in some family income. More recently, Clarisse's father had an accident on the job and injured his back and that caused him permanent physical disability, which has in turn limited him from working more often. The mother is now the main bread winner due to this situation and it certainly strains the family.

Clarisse has become a better student, however, since joining Hope Shines. Hope Shines' teachers reported some very positive results concerning her improved discipline and academics. Her grades are improving and she always tries to be the best in her class. She is now regularly attending primary school where she likes to study Mathematics and her dream is to become a nurse! At Hope Shines, she likes playing with the other kids and her favorite sport is football (soccer).