Adelphine Kampire

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Adelphine is one of our older children at Hope Shines, born in 2002, and is a beautiful girl! She lives with both parents, a brother and 4 sisters in a one room mud house. The house itself is in very bad condition with no electricity or access to clean water. It also can easily be destroyed by rain or strong winds, should they encounter them, due to its poor construction.

Both parents work part-time jobs but it is mostly the father who provides the most financially for the family. The family is not stable at all. The parents have constant fights in front of the children and both parents abuse alcohol. Her mother has even sold random things from their home to buy alcohol.
Adelphine’s father is more responsible than her mother and tries to take care of the kids. The mother sometimes goes away for days or months and Adelphine is always the one who has to take care of her younger siblings, a job that no child should be placed upon them. Because of that, she often has to skip school and is mature beyond her years.

Despite this toxic family life, Adelphine is really happy at Hope Shines and is surprisingly optimistic about her future. She likes to play with the other kids and her favorite sport is Kung Fu. Adelphine is currently really behind in school and as an older teenager, she is still in primary school. Hope Shines is working to get her back up to the grade level she needs to be. She likes to study English and her dream job one day is to become a doctor!