Denyse Mukeshimana

Needs Sponsor

Denyse is a joyful young girl born in 2006. She lives with her mother, 4 brothers and 2 sisters in a cramped house in a high risk area of the city. Her mother never attended school because she grew up extremely poor herself, so it’s very hard for her to find a good job and be able to support the family. After a family situation assessment was performed by Hope Shines it was determined that Denyse's mother was qualified and selected as one of the parents to work in the organization’s social enterprise project; the KIZA Recycled Soap project. She is now able to earn a small amount of money to be able to take care of her family. Her commitment to Hope Shines and her desire to develop new skills, got her the job!

Denyse herself loves going to school and she is now fully attending primary school, something her mother never did. Her favorite subject is Science and when she grows up she wants to become a doctor or an optician. Her favorite sport is basketball!