Jack's Run for Rwanda Campaign

Hi again family and friends! It's MY time of year to support something greater than us all! I am seeking support for Hope Shines, Inc. and the launch of a new social worker program in Rwanda. Last year we had so much success raising just over $1,800 for their after-school program. This year the Executive Director, who is a close friend of mine has made it known that they are launching a social worker program...a VERY NEEDED program that will add a deeper level of mental support for this group of kids that come from toxic homes and face great challenges almost everyday. I know I can help them be able to fund this new program with YOUR support! Let's show them what we can do together! Here are the details:
Psychosocial support process

This process is designed to support diverse groups of youth who have undergone traumatic experiences that affect their everyday life. The sessions offered can vary depending on the severity of the issues. The program will be extensive over the next 12 months to start to ensure the children are able to develop rapport, trust and feel comfortable sharing some of the issues affecting them and in turn develop coping strategies and tools to use in their own lives and situations.

The essence of the program is to enable youth to speak up about the issues affecting them and independently explore coping strategies, which will continue to guide them in the absence of a counsellor/psychotherapist. In addition, it will test how they will be able to use skills they have gained from the program. This fundraiser will cover the cost of hiring a psychotherapist on a weekly basis and help Hope Shines to develop the program for years to come.


  1. Group therapy discussions:

Topics will include:

· Introductory sessions (getting to know each other)
· Exploring some of the specific issues affecting youth (context analysis)
· Discussing topics/issues proposed by youth
· Exploring coping strategies

  1. Role plays to flesh out scenarios experienced and to practice how to address

  2. Use of documentaries to trigger discussions

  3. Mediation exercises

  4. Establishing small groups in accordance to their localities for moral support

  5. Identifying a connecting activity to keep the bond (last phase/stages)

Goals/expected outcomes:
· Increased resilience among youth to deal with recurring issues
· Kids are empowered to peacefully voice their concerns/issues
· Kids act as agents of change (individual, family and their surroundings)
· Kids are equipped with critical thinking skills in order to resist negative manipulation.

Please consider a donation towards my goal of $2,000 or even just read up on what this organization does/is doing and join me in furthering this mission. I know there are many charities out there so I hope you will support this one and me as I continue to train for next May's half marathon race! Thank you for reading and joining me in doing some good things in this world!