Kevine Umubumyeyi

Kevine is a shy but lovely teenage girl, born in 2004. She lives with both parents, her brother and 2 sisters in a small house with two rooms and limited electricity. Her father works part time jobs and her mother is unemployed. She used to be a cobbler, but her equipment was stolen so she has struggled to get back on her feet to be able again to support the family. She hopes to get some support to start a business selling shoes in cooperation with some of the other Hope Shines parents.

Kevine is now attending primary school everyday, which is in walking distance of her home. Her favorite subject is Mathematics and she would like to become a doctor when she grows up.
Kevine likes playing football (soccer) and handball. She loves bananas and oranges and her favorite dish is rice and meat, that she gets to enjoy at the Hope Shines learning center.