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Saving discarded hotel soap to save lives in Rwanda!

In partnership with CNN Hero, Samir Lakhani and Eco Soap Bank, this project is transforming lives and communities in Rwanda. As the exclusive distributor of recycled soap in Rwanda, we are excited to educate and provide affordable and sometimes even free bars of soap to those who need it most.

Clean water, proper sanitation, and hygiene are some of the most important factors in keeping rural families healthy. Hand washing is a simple act that can reduce the presence of harmful bacteria by 92%. Further is the need to educate the population on the benefits of proper hand washing and we are committed to providing both in order to eradicate the spread of disease to those living in Rwanda.

Kiza, which means "to save" and "to build wealth" is at the forefront of changing how people look at hygiene in Rwanda. The process is simple. We partner with over 50 hotels around the city of Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, and collect their discarded hotel soap left behind by guests. The soap is then taken to our processing center where it is washed and scrubbed in safe sanitizers, shaven down to fine particles, then re-formed in a forming press, and then finally packaged for distribution.

The benefits of the project are outstanding. It employs women who otherwise can't get work, it educates the wider community with proper hygiene practices (training workshops are once a month), it heavily reduces soap waste in landfills, and most importantly, it puts soap into the hands of communities that need it most. Those that need it are either using a harsh laundry detergent to wash their skin or they use nothing at all. Kiza Soap provides a life-saving alternative.

Help us achieve more...invest in Kiza Soap and help us save soap to save lives!

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