Prince Ishimwe

Needs Sponsor

Prince is a passionate and bright boy who was born in 2008 and lives with his mother and his sister in a one bedroom house in Kigali in a village called Ingenzi. Prince’s mother doesn’t work a lot due to her lack of marketable skills and only having a primary school education. However, sometimes she sells vegetables on the street, which is their only source of income. Prince struggles with discipline because his mother is too strained to make ends meet and therefore is not around or involved much. Because of that lack of attention, the kids often eat only one meal a day and they are left to care for themselves much of the time. The parents committee at Hope Shines is monitoring the situation carefully to make sure they get back on track and this is really the only additional support the kids are getting at home.

As part of the feeding program 4 days a week offered at Hope Shines, Prince does eat regular hot meals and takes his vitamin supplements, which has resulted in significantly improved health. his energy levels are much better since joining Hope Shines in 2016.

Prince’s interests are unique in that he likes cleaning the house and the dishes! He still feels pride in maintaining a happy home. Academically, he is in primary school, where he likes to study English and wants to become a surgeon when he grows up. His favorite sport is football (soccer).