Leoncie Fayida

Needs Sponsor

Leoncie is beautiful girl born in 2007. She lives with her mother and her brother, Reponse, who is also a student at Hope Shines, in a one bedroom house with limited electricity. Her mother doesn’t have permanent work, but she gets part time work helping to wash the clothes for the neighbors. This is not a highly skilled job and it does not pay much at all but it’s what she can do with her education level and background in order to support the family.

Leoncie is currently in primary school where she likes to study Mathematics and Kinyarwanda, the native language of Rwanda. She says when she grows up, she wants to become a nurse or a doctor who treats cancer, heart problems or broken bones.
Leoncie is a really confident and friendly girl, who loves to play with her friends. She is really good at hairdressing and loves flowers. Her favorite activity at Hope Shines is the traditional Rwanda dance but she actually prefers more modern styles of dance. Most say they love how happy Leoncie is when they meet her despite her coming from such a challenging background.