Fabrice Biramahire

Needs Sponsor

Fabrice is a handsome, sharp, and funny young boy, born in 2014 who lives with his mother and 2 brothers in a one bedroom house with limited electricity, in a village called Gasiza. One of his brothers, Frank, has been enrolled at Hope Shines since 2016 and was excited to have his little brother recently added to the group!

Fabrice’s story is not an uncommon one, unfortunately. His father abandoned his family when the kids were still young because he had a bad relationship with his wife, Fabrice’s mother. This has negatively affected the whole family and especially the kids, due to a lack of emotional and financial support from the father. Fabrice’s mother works as a house maid and sometimes she can make an income with other small part time jobs such as washing clothes for her neighbors. This is a very unstable and highly undependable means to support the family.

The lack of education in the family has posed problems. Fabrice’s mother herself only attended a few classes of primary school and never made it to even the lowest level of high school. Her opportunities for work and income are extremely low due to this.

Fabrice’s mother has been thankful to have the support of Hope Shines, especially for the provisional support of scholastic materials for school. Her children, including Fabrice, we regularly sent home from school because they were unable to have the things required for attending school.

Fabrice is studying in first grade of primary school, where his favorite subject is mathematics. When he has free time he likes to be surrounded by toys and enjoys playing with them, as many 6 year old kids do! Fabrice loves football and wants to be a professional footballer when he grows up after graduating school!