Sponsor a Girl

You can help break the poverty cycle through sponsorship! Learn more about a typical Rwandese girl at Hope Shines and her story!

Delphi's story is just one story about a girl in Hope Shines Programs. But this story is one that represents most of the girls in Hope Shines' Programs.

Delphi is a lovely 9 year old who is shy and timid. She has 5 siblings. She lives with both parents and 5 siblings in a small mud house located in an overcrowded slum area. They do not have electricity or running water in their house.

Delphi goes to Cyivugiza Primary school in the Cyivugiza cell, Nyamirambo sector in the Nyarugenge district of Kigali city. She currently does not perform well in class mainly because of the poor living conditions at home.

Delphi's family can have one meal a day but often will spend the whole day without eating. Both parents do not work regular jobs but instead find low paid part time jobs doing laundry for the neighbors and helping on construction projects.

Her parents often have fights and quarrels many which very often result in the mother leaving her children for months at a time. This has had a negative effect on Delphi, making her a very timid girl, unable to follow in class and even has caused her health issues like frequent headaches.

What Your Donation Supports: Hope Shines learning center promises to be a haven, a place where she can be safe, do her homework, learn new and interesting things, interact with other children and most of all enjoy being a child. The after-school program she attends there offers life-skills training as well as academics workshops. Also offered is a hot nutritionally balanced meal and clean water every day she is at the center!

$15/month will greatly support a girl in Hope Shines Program for one month by helping to provide hot meals, school uniforms, shoes and socks, underwear, and school fees.

  • Individual children are not paired with individual sponsors. Our model is of group sponsorship and invite you to learn more about individual girls through newsletters, videos, and other sources. We thank you for understanding.