Tom Nshiymyumukiza

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Tom was born in 2009 and has a large family. He lives with both of his parents, a brother and 3 sisters in a two-bedroom house in Nyakabanda, Kigali, which is in a very urban setting. When he first enrolled with Hope Shines in 2015, he was a very shy and quiet boy. But thanks to all the continuous programs and activities Hope Shines plans and the companionship of the other enrolled kids, he has become more confident. Tom now participates in activities and is now a high achiever at Hope Shines. His favorite thing to do at Hope Shines is drawing. By exposing Tom to various subjects, he found that he has a love for art. Tom is now a happier and more confident child, which is also reflected in his improved school grades.

Tom is advancing successfully through primary school and his favorite subject is English, which is also taught at the Hope Shines learning center every week throughout the year. He studies very hard and his dream is to become a pilot when he grows up.

At home, Tom has a fairly stable family aside from their struggles financially. His mother sells vegetables and his father does part time work. His parents value having their son at Hope Shines and they engage with the programming often. In Tom’s free time he likes to fetch water for his family and play football (soccer).