Summer Leadership Camp

The Hope Shines Summer Camp Program is a week-long fun-filled program that takes youth through interactive and participatory modules during their school break in the summer months. The camp is broken into two major buckets: Education and Health.

Education Components Include: Children learn and practice writing and speaking the English language. Our module allows them to learn and practice through reading and answering questions aloud as well as writing in English. Children also work through hands on Science lessons that engage their ability to cognitively solve problems in a fun way, which is a valuable manner to teach as most do not learn this way in their regular schools. We partner with Kepler University in the capital city of Kigali to help us develop and run modules and contribute to the mentorship offered to the campers.

Health Components Include: Children are given annual medical exams by US doctors at the end of camp. Doctors measure vitals, vision and hearing, and educate children on ailments such as malaria and stomach viruses. Hope Shines collects this data to make improvements to our health programs and track progress year after year. Children are also fed a nutritionally balanced hot meal each day during camp. This gives children food and supplements they normally do not get at home and the cooks hired all come from the families of the children!

Camp is a fun time when kids can just be kids! Camp is also a time where volunteers from the US can come experience Rwanda and work as counselors in a mission focused organization like ours. If you are interested in applying as a volunteer for our summer camp, please visit the application form under Programs.