Latifa Nzayisenga

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Latifa is a beautiful girl born in 2009 who lives with both parents, 3 brothers and 2 sisters in a small one bedroom house in Nyamirambo sector of Nyarugenge district, Kigali. Her mother doesn’t work at the moment and her father is a night guard. The mother would like to have support of Hope Shines so she could learn how to sew that will help provide financial support for the family.

The home life is rough for Latifa. Latifa’s parents tend to have a lot of arguments and disagreements in fromt of the kids, which result in the mother leaving the house for a period of time. The family dynamic is not very stable so the Hope Shines parents committee tries to reduce the problems and to stabilize the situation as best they can by offering support.

Latifa though is motivated to study very hard so she will become successful in life. She is now happy to attend Cyivugiza primary school where her favorite subject is English and she says one day she wants to become a teacher. Latifa is a fun girl to be around and likes to play with the other kids during the after-school program at Hope Shines. She loves football (soccer) and playing hide and seek.