Bertin Tuyishime

Needs Sponsor

Bertin is a handsome boy born in 2007, who lives with both parents, 4 sisters and 3 brothers (one of them is also a student at Hope Shines, Jacques) in a two bedroom house with limited electricity in a very crowded neighborhood in Kigali considered impoverished and high risk.

Neither of his parents have full-time jobs due to their limited skillsets and education. His father tries to get some plumbing jobs but they are not well-paid and they are few and far between. When work is limited like this, the family suffers with hunger and can only eat one meal a day of mainly rice and beans.

Recently, Bertin’s mother was hired by Hope Shines to prepare and cook meals for the kids during the after-school program. In this way, she helps to support her family as well as Hope Shines. She hopes that this opportunity will be something she can build on and therefore be able to provide for her family in a consistent way.

Bertin is the second eldest child in the family. He studies at the Cyivugiza primary school and is currently preparing to enter secondary school. His favorite subject is Science. Bertin loves to play football (soccer) and his dream is to become a professional football player. Bertin loves to dance at Hope Shines on the dance team and his favorite dish to eat is sweet potatoes and cabbage. Yum!