Asuma Uwase

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Asuma is a beautiful girl who was born in 2008. She lives with her step-mother, her father and younger brother in a crowded neighborhood on the steep slope of Mount Kigali right outside the main city of Kigali. Both parents take care of the kids equally. The family is a fairly stable environment for Asuma and her brother. To financially support the family, her parents do part-time work but it is difficult given their limited skillset and education. Her father actually works at Hope Shines as the main dance instructor every Saturday during the after-school arts programming. Her father has training in dance as a younger child and this allows him the ability to teach others the Rwandan traditional dance.

Asuma herself is a very talented dancer as well. She is one of the main soloists among the kids in the dance troupe at Hope Shines. Her favorite activity at Hope Shines is of course traditional dance and she is such a bright light and inspiration to the staff and other children.
In her free time, she loves to jump rope with her friends and at home she likes to learn to cook, even though their options for cooked food is limited.

Asuma is currently in primary school where she likes to learn English. When she grows up, Asuma wants to become a doctor.