Climb & Shine 2021

In-Person Hike & Virtual Distance Challenge for Meals

We're back! After a successful FIRST virtual Climb & Shine event last year, we're back this year for our 5th annual Climb & Shine! This year's event consists of both an in-person hike AND a VIrtual options for those out of state from Colorado and those who want to get active and raise some money!

The in-person hike will take place for Colorado hikers on Sept 12th at Mt. Columbia in the beautiful Sawatch Range of the Rocky Mountains (Collegiate Peaks).

If hiking this 14,078' mountain is not for you, we have our Virtual Distance and Vert challenge all ready for you. Once registered, you get instructions to set up the Virtual app and from there you will spend 2 weeks tracking your distance and vertical feet gained with a chance to win prizes for most vert and most distance over this period of time. It's a great way to get you motivated AND help us raise some funds for our Hope Shines Rwanda Programs in Rwanda!

Don't forget!!! On top of your event registration payment (you'll get a branded soft t-shirt), you will be raising money towards our campaign either by setting up your own fundraiser (that rolls up into the main page) or just by simply spreading the word to friends and family by sharing the main fundraiser link. Every donation adds up, big or small, we just love to have your support in any way you feel is possible and easiest!


14er HIKE: MT. COLUMBIA: The September 12th hike of 14,078', Class 2 difficulty level out of 5) will consist of camping (or staying in a hotel) the night before then an early rise up to summit the mountain in a group, guided by highly experienced guides Kimmy and Chris. With hiking ALL 58 14,000'+ summits in Colorado and many more abroad, you are in good hands with this guide team. You will get pre-hike communications leading up to the hike and guided along the way to ensure a successful summit as a team!


In light of the challenging past year of 2020 and already in 2021 due to Covid infections within our staff and the many lockdowns faced in Rwanda, a need for more food has become more apparent. In 2020, Hope Shines shifted more financial resources to providing food not only for the children as we normal do, but also to the families. The families suffered and are suffering immensely simply because when the country goes on lockdown, they don't work. The affect this has on the children is very negative. Food is and should be a basic need and right to every person on this earth. For this reason, we are raising more funds to support these moments when we have to shift from providing meals for 44 children to now all 162 family members.

In addition to just being prepared for lockdowns and the possibility of feeding more people, we are also introducing a breakfast meal for our students at the learning center. We have set up a budget for a porridge meals on Saturdays with milk and during the 3 weekday after-school sessions, we'll be dishing out milk, muffins, and bananas to all the children before they head off to class.
With the obvious success of our normal lunches provided, we are super excited to be able to offer another meal to these growing students.

Thank you for your donation towards our very critical work in Rwanda!

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