Marie Claudette Niyomutoni

Needs Sponsor

Marie Claudette is a happy and delightful young girl, born in 2004. She is the youngest of the 7 kids at home. She has 4 brothers and 2 sisters and lives with her single mother in a one bedroom mud house with limited electricity in a very impoverished area of the city. Claudette’s mother doesn’t have a permanent job, but she does part time work at the Hope Shines center helping to cook the meals for the kids during the after-school program 4 days a week. She also gets support from her eldest children who go out to find some work. Claudette helps at home and she has taken an interest in making clothes.
She loves spending time with her family and to go to church with them. She adores singing and her dream is to become a singer or a nurse. Claudette’s favorite food to eat is Irish potatoes, a delicious staple crop of Rwanda.

Claudette is now completing primary school and she will be soon entering secondary school. Her favorite subject is Mathematics.