Basic Needs for Education

Meeting the basic needs of children so they can attend school

This foundational program begins with keeping kids in school. We asked ourselves, what will it take for one of our children at Hope Shines to be able to attend school and further their education? With this lower socio-economic group of children and their families, it begins with providing school fees. Once a child's fee are covered for each of the three school terms, we also ensure that they have the right clothing to wear to school. This program annually pays for new shoes, socks, underwear, and school uniforms, all essential for a child to attend school in Rwanda.

Our assistance continues with paying for their health insurance for the entire year and their health bills when they arise. We know that when a child is too sick and unhealthy that they won't be able to go to school. We said, let's keep them as healthy as possible and give them the confidence they need by allowing them to be seen by a doctor, should they be ill. A basic need that many in this world take for granted, which is why health coverage is part of this program.

Finally, we provide children with all the school supplies they need to succeed at school. Supplies can include pencils, pens, notebooks, paper, backpacks, and erasers. As the children advance in grades, we will continue to meet the changing needs of each.

We believe that being able to be educated at school is a human right and we're doing our part to ensure that every child within Hope Shines can get the education they need and deserve.

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