Climb & Shine for Rwanda

Come join us for the 4th annual Climb & Shine events! This year we are appealing to the hard core AND the more chilled climbers/hikers/runners with a two day event to test your endurance and leave you with some great memories as you help out our great cause! This is a fundraising event. All fundraising proceeds for both days will be benefitting Hope Shines' year-round after-school program that operates out of the learning center in Kigali, Rwanda.


When - **July 13th (The Incline in Manitou Springs, Colorado) and August 24th** (Mt. Yale)

What - This is a two-day event. Pretty simple...You can choose to participate in both hikes or just one. There is a hiking level for any hiker! Passionate folks join us!

INCLINE HIKE: For the July 13th hike up the Incline, we'll be meeting at the bottom of the Incline in Manitou Springs, Colorado. The group will hike up to the top, share some laughs, catch our breath, take some insane photos, then hike back along the Barr trail down to the lot! We will head into town and grab some lunch after!

14er HIKE: MT. YALE: The August 24th hike up Mt. Yale (14,196', Class 2 difficulty level out of 5) will consist of camping (or staying in a hotel) the night before then an early rise up to summit the mountain in a group, guided by highly experienced guides Kimmy and Chris. With hiking ALL 58 14,000'+ summits in Colorado and many more abroad, you are in good hands with this guide team. You will get pre-hike communications leading up to the hike and guided along the way to ensure a successful summit as a team!


The program offered by Denver based international nonprofit, Hope Shines, Inc., has a HUGE positive impact on 35 at-risk and marginalized youth aged 8-15 years old. We call it the LEAD after-school program (Life Enhancement & Academic Development). Every dollar you raise supports this program as it offers:

-Kids are taught by a full time teacher, a rotating enhancement curriculum focused on improving in academics and life-skills development

  • Kids are provided a HOT nutritionally balanced meal 4 days a week during the program - Kids have access to our clean water system, get supplemental multi-vitamins, and are taught about the dangers of drinking unclean water.

    • Kids get emotional support from teachers, staff, and volunteer mentors during the program to help them build confidence and feel loved when their lives are so challenging day to day
  • Workshops and Lessons taught in the past and currently include: Language Arts (English and their native Kinyarwanda), Science hands-on lab experiments, Performing Arts (Intore traditional Rwandan dance and theatre), Sports and Play Fitness including Yoga and team oriented sports).

Sign up for YOUR own team and pick a fundraising goal, join a team to raise money for them, recruit family and friends and raise money towards the overall goal of $5,000! Minimum to raise is $50 to participate to cover T-shirt and provisional costs. Come Climb with US and help the youth in Rwanda SHINE!

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